Happy 2018!!

This is the FIRST blog post of 2018 and your girl is HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! 2017 was a year of learning and growth and 2018 is the year where I put all of that learning to use and make these dreams a reality. Honestly, I didn't work as hard as I should've last year so this year I plan to work, work, work and work some more. My goals for 2018 are pretty BIG and they scare the absolute s**t out of me but they say if your dreams don't scare you then they aren't BIG enough! I believe in the power of numbers and the number 8 represents New Beginnings and I'm ready to embrace each and every new beginning this year brings to me. 

I've been working on some fashion things to coincide with my brand for quite a while now so this year, I'm going to just DO IT! One thing I sometimes struggle with is comparing myself and telling myself "Girl everybody is doing that, let it go" but I really don't care if the entire world is doing it, I'm at least going to jump and try! 

I'm also determined to finally get in shape and take what I put in my body and exercise a lot more serious. I've been so inconsistent in the past when it comes to working out and my diet but this year I promised myself I would not, under any circumstances, fall victim to being lazy and overeating. Meal prepping helps a ton with monitoring what I put in my body and has also saved me some coins, so I'm all the way in. 


I love expressing myself through fashion and hair and even my nails so this year I've vowed to step outside my box and try new things with my hair, my clothes and even playing around with nail art. Life is way too short to play it safe and "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History" so I might as well do what I love and apologize for it NEVER. (inserts emoji with the tongue sticking out). I also plan on taking way more fashion blog pictures and posting them on our YouTube channel. 

I'm also going to FINALLY get out of the house and GO OUT! I am an extreme homebody! I can legit stay at home and watch Netflix and be super content but I know that if I want to grow my network and build my brand AND meet my Prince Charming, I have to get out more. I'm also going on DATES! In 2017, I turned down a lot of offers to go out and grab a bite to eat but this year, I am accepting those offers and going on dates. (inserts nervous face emoji). 

I'm also working my behind off so this can be my LAST year working for someone else. I plan to officially become the owner of a profitable business this year. Being an entrepreneur is a ton of work and I am so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful women who took that leap and are living the dream everyday. As much as I enjoy my job, I am ready to move on from that phase of my life and build a legacy that my children's children can benefit from. I plan to work hard and pray even harder! Watch me work! 

I know this is the most cliche thing to say but I'm really excited about 2018! I spent the first couple of weeks of January writing, planning and reflecting and now it's time to WORK!! I wish nothing but BLESSINGS, HAPPINESS, LOVE and MORE BLESSINGS for each of you this year and I can't wait to witness everything God has in store for us!

Let's go sprinkle magic QUEENS! 

Blessings and Schmoney, 


New Look, Who Dis...

New Look, Who Dis...