It's Party Time...

It's Party Time...

Hey Mommies! Happy Monday! I cannot believe I am writing this but my daughter will be 10 in less than 3 months and I honestly cannot believe it. January, for me, always means it's time to start planning her birthday party. Planning her parties are beyond fun for me because I get to tap into my fun, extra, creative side with a little input from her! LOL! J/K! It took us quite some time to come up with a theme because we kept switching back and forth between a sleepover or just a regular day party. We finally decided on both since this is her BIG TEN.  After much deliberation, we finally came up with a theme! For the big ONE ZERO, we are bringing GREASE to the A-T-L! Just like me, my daughter LOVES the movie GREASE so it was only right we did a party that incorporated her love for the movie. Planning a party can be extremely stressful and somewhat expensive but with these few tips, you'll be planning your daughter/son's party in no time. 


This is, of course, the first step because a party is not a party without a cool theme. A lot of people associate themes with characters but it can expand further than that. Themes can range from their favorite movie to favorite animal to even their favorite colors. When my daughter was turning eight, there wasn't any character that she was really into so we used the 80's era to be the theme of her party. We asked all the girls attending to wear tutus and even dressed my daughter in a graffiti t-shirt and bamboo earrings. Our party favors included candy popular in that era as well as neon fishnet gloves. Your theme is the foundation of your party and should be something that your child enjoys. 


Even if your party is taking place in your backyard, this is still an important step because it allows for you to know what amount of space you are working with. You would not want to buy 12 teepees for a camping theme party when your living room can only hold six. Picking your location will ensure you stay within your budget and only purchase things that will get put to use. 


Having a checklist of EVERYTHING you need to purchase and all of the ideas you have, will ensure you stay within your budget as well as make sure you don't miss an important detail from the party of the century. Keep a "party planning" notebook you can keep in your purse to jot down ideas and also check off all the items you're picking up and things you're doing along the way.


These two steps go hand in hand because they allow for you to do the most important thing when you are party planning: SAVE MONEY. Starting 2-3 months prior to your child(ren)'s birthday party allows for you to take your time and really look for savings and deals. Waiting until the last minute causes for impulse purchases and impulse purchases equals more money spent. Some great party websites I love to shop on are Party CityOriental Trading, Party Cheap and even Birthday Express, they not only offer great items for themed parties but they also have color coordinated items that will go with any idea you and your little one decide. 


One thing I love about planning my daughter's party is the DIYs. It's really fun taking ideas that I have seen on some of my favorite sites and putting my own twist on them. DIYs are fun, save money and can be activities you and your child do together. I love Pinterest for quick and easy party DIYs because they give you step by step instructions as well as tons of pictures to help you along the way. My daughter's 9th birthday party was a GLAMPING emoji theme and I had so much fun making them glitter mason jars to drink their special "camping punch" out of. I also frequent Hobby Lobby, Micheals and JoAnns to assist with my DIY items. All these stores offer 20-40% coupons which assist in saving more and more money. 


This is the MOST important step of them all! A party means nothing if your child is not having fun! Don't stress the small stuff because trust me, everything that can go wrong will go wrong but it's up to you to make sure your child doesn't know the difference. At the end of the day, it's just a party and as long as your child is happy and healthy, that's all that really matters. IT'S PARTY TIME!!:) 


"Peace, Love and Party" 

Product Review: Camryn's BFF

Product Review: Camryn's BFF

I'm a PERFECT Mommy!

I'm a PERFECT Mommy!