Shop Till You Drop...

Shop Till You Drop...

Happy Monday! If you're a mom with a little girl, shopping for them is something you absolutely enjoy. I love switching my daughter's style up and trying new pieces and new looks on her to help define her personal style.  My daughter is 9 years old and she's starting to really come into her own and really verbalize in what way she wants her style to speak for her. Although dressing a little girl is tons of fun, some mommies may need a little help finding stores that offer cute, stylish, long-wearing affordable clothing. These are a few of my favorite stores to shop for my daughter that have all of the qualities we're searching for in our little girl's wardrobe. 


I absolutely love Target because they're super affordable, super trendy and believe it or not, their clothes can hold up to quite a few washes. I honestly think majority of my daughter's clothing comes from here and I wouldn't have it any other way. Target offers such a wide range of options for our daughter's evolving style and that's definitely why it's #1 on my list. 


Old Navy is another affordable yet stylish store I can't get enough of for Karmyn. To be honest, I think her entire Summer wardrobe including shoes has mainly came from Old Navy. I'm currently loving the hippie, eclectic style they offer to the little princesses and I can't stop picking up piece after piece. The best thing about shopping here is they have sales frequently and offer coupons and discounts for signing up for their rewards program. I love GAP just as much and shop there for Karmyn when I want her to have a more simplistic, monochramatic look. It's a tad bit pricier than Old Navy but definitely worth the few extra coins. 


I LOVE Zara. Now I do have to warn you, the prices are a little bit steeper than Target and Old Navy but the pieces are more simplistic and less trendy.  In my opinion, Zara offers pieces that can live in their wardrobe for quite some time without them deviating away from the current styles taking place. I'm the biggest fan of their coats, dresses, tees and shoes for Karmyn because they're so unique yet so simple and long-wearing. I really wish they would add a kid's department to the Zara stores in Atlanta but until they do, I will continue to shop online. 

4. H&M

H&M is another one of my all-time favorite stores for Karmyn. I love one stop shop stores for me and Karmyn and H&M offers just that. I LOVE shopping at H&M for myself and being able to go upstairs and pick Karmyn some pieces and be completely done with our shopping trip after warms my spirit. H&M is affordable, trendy and has the best styles for that in between tween style which my daughter is experiencing.


To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of this store for their everyday clothes. I really just frequent this store for their pajamas, activewear and accessories for Karmyn. She absolutely LOVES this store and we're literally in there several times a month. I prefer more of a simplistic look for Karmyn but she's the complete opposite, reaching for a more glam, "look at me" style so Justice fits her absolutely perfect. The price points can be a bit expensive for the overly trendy pieces but they do offer coupons if you spend over $40.00 which isn't hard to do at all. 


These are your typical department stores that offer literally something for everyone. I love shopping at these stores for Karmyn because not only do I have a lot to choose from, but I also can shop for deals and sales. With young children, they grow extremely fast so it's very important for me as a mother to get the most bang for my buck and these stores most definitely offer just that. 


This is my favorite because this is the line I have designed just for little girls! We're gearing up for a re-release so be on the lookout! Shop Karmyn Aniyah is a perfect mix between trendy, modern and eclectic while still adding that fun, girly, glitzy look that all girls love! I've been working diligently on the line and will definitely let you all know when it make its re-appearance! 

Shopping for my daughter is truly a blast and even though I do frequent quite a few more stores, these are always my go-to never fail me picks! Karmyn is getting older and looking to incorporate more of her personal style into her wardrobe so some of these stores may change but for right now, mommy is still running the show and these are places we can both agree on! 


"Playing Dress Up Begins At Age Five and Never Really Ends" 


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