Life Update...

Life Update...

Hey girls hey! Happy Thursday! Um it's August and I still can't believe that. August for me means that the Summer is completely over for my daughter and it's back to the hectic schedule and super long nights but I'm here, I'm alive and I'm ready to thrive!:) I've been sooo sick over the past few weeks and it has left me completely drained. Not only did I come down with this horrible Summer cold but Mother Nature came in, unpacked her bags and just overstayed her welcome. Not only did she come unannounced but she also came with the punches which sat me down for a hot little minute.

Anyway, I've STILL been working on editing episodes for rateddTALK which is driving me insane. I'm new to the editing game so it's taking me a minute to get the episodes the way I would like for them to be. Google and YouTube have been my bffs for the last few weeks cause your girl is super clueless when it comes to a majority of the editing tools in Final Cut Pro. I've been going to the gym consistently and when I mean consistently ya'll, I mean CON-SIS-TENT-LY!! I've been going 3 times a week despite the rain, hot weather and major headaches. I'm beyond proud of myself because usually I would find every excuse as to why I couldn't got to the gym. Yet, since I've become more determined to make fitness a lifestyle instead of just a fading trend in my life, I've been going despite my feelings some days. It's not about being skinny because I told ya'll I'm over that fantasy (THICK THIGHS 4 LIFE); it's just about adopting a healthier lifestyle which I can pass along to my children. I have to admit, it's getting a lot easier to go and I'm beginning to play around with added weights and different machines.

No, I haven't been doing much dating which low-key sucks (inserts sad face, teary eyed emoji) but I'm so focused on getting rateddTALK back on the computer screens and getting Beautiful Me's Fall program together, that I've kind of put dating to the side even though I promised you all I wouldn't. Honestly, I still like the last guy I was dealing with so I'm trying to somewhat get over that situation before I jump head first into another one. I'm not rejecting any dates though, which is a plus, so we'll see what happens. I definitely want to be married and have another baby within the next two years so your girl has some work to do.

Oh yeah, Beautiful Me and rateddTALK has some cool things debuting with the programs we've been working on so we have been doing some a lot of things in preparation for them. I think you guys are going to like the changes! With only four months left in the year, I have quite a few things I'm looking to accomplish.  With me taking such a loooonnnggg break, I'm having to play catch up to ensure I'm on track by the time January 2018 comes! I'm ready for everything from LOVE to SUCCESS to just PEACE, so hard work and even harder prayers are my mottos for here on out! 

Well that's enough about me!  I hope everyone is prioritizing, getting your lives together and that you will continue to rock with me as I figure this thing called LIFE out!! I have more beauty posts coming this week so STAY TUNED!! 

Until next time!!:) 


"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must KEEP MOVING!" ~ Albert Einstein

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