Obsessed Maybe...

Hey my loves! I hope your week is going great so far! I am such an extremist!  This means I will like something and literally wear it out because it's just sooo bomb in my opinion!! Instead of me keeping all of the completely obsessive things to myself, I decided to share them!! Presenting my current obsessions! 


Tarte Shape Tape Concealer - this concealer is EVERYTHING. It's so creamy and blendable and the applicator makes it even more of a dream. I've recently been using the trick I learned from YouTube goddess Jackie Aina which is to let your concealer dry a few minutes before blending it in. Immediately blending in your concealer, after applying it, sheers the coverage and being when I put on makeup, I truly put on MAKEUP to have as much full coverage as possible. This concealer doesn't crease on me and it looks so amazing on camera. I've been filming a few episodes of #rateddTALK lately so my makeup has had to be pretty fleeky and this concealer has been the cherry on top to all of my looks. My only con is that it's only sold at Ulta which doesn't matter, because I will gladly drive to Ulta to pick up this goldmine. 


I did a review of this mask a few posts back and I stated before, this mask is a KEEPER. I just love the way it makes my skin feel once it has been removed and the way it deep cleans my pores is so refreshing. I have oily skin and my pores consistently clog. I have been looking to try a few more masks but cannot seem to put this one down. It's a must have in your skincare routine and I am OBSESSED! Soft, healthy skin is a must for me and this mask gives my face such a natural glow. I use it at least twice a week in conjunction with my black soap and fading cream. 


When it comes to fashion, I love so many things and am obsessed with quite a few things but lately, I have been more than obsessed with Fashion Nova jeans. I know how cliche I sound right now to talk about how bomb their jeans are but no, they really are. I'm totally not a jeans girl but I really like a cute blouse, tight jeans and a cute heel from time to time. I'd been on the hunt for jeans which would fit me similar to my Topshop and Express jeans so when I finally decided to go on the website and order a pair, I was completely OBSESSED! I ordered the "Spill the Tea" jeans and they we're only $29.99. I searched the website and couldn't find them but here is a similar pair. The price is amazing, the fit is even better and they are HIGH WAISTED!! I love these jeans and will be ordering another pair really soon. Fashion Nova where's my check???? 


I love music! Music envelopes my soul and allows for my mind and heart to travel to places I couldn't even dream of. I have acquired a taste for all types of music but these eight songs have been played over and over and over again on my playlist and I have to share: 

  • "LOVE" - Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari
  • "Loved by You" - Kirby 
  • "You Got It" - Bryson Tiller 
  • "Loved By You" - Mali Music ft. Jasmine Sullivan 
  • "Every Kind of Way" - H.E.R 
  • "Die With You" - Beyonce 
  • "Broken Clocks" - SZA
  • "While We're Young" - Jhene Aiko 


I don't really get a chance to watch much tv because my schedule is more than busy but late at night, I have had a little time  to catch up on a few shows and I've been more than obsessed with "Dear White People!" Ya'll, this show is so bomb. The writers create such vivid picture of the parallels African American millennials face in their day to day worlds. I love how they tackle the culture variations through realistic scenarios in the series and also add a little bit of humor. It is bomb and you will not regret binging this Netflix show. 

Obsessed is the best word to describe all of these things listed above. I cannot get enough of them and don't see myself putting them down anytime soon! 


"Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated" 

Life Update...

Life Update...