Mix on the Prints...

Mix on the Prints...

Long time and absolutely NO fashion post on the blog. Fashion is truly my first love and I know that’s hard to believe being that I wait so long to post but anyway, it’s a NEW YEAR so let’s let go of the past and move on! :)

As I get older and more involved with fashion, I’m more aware of a lot of the things happening in the fashion world. I go back and forth with a lot of trends and some I love while others I stray away from. One trend I’m loving and will forever love is snakeskin. Snakeskin, if done right, is such a timeless print and mixing various colors of the print to make it bold and fresh is something I love to do.


I purchased this skirt from Pretty Little Things when they had a 50% off sale for under $10.00. I had a completely different idea in my head as to what I would wear but then I saw the cutest brown snakeskin wrap top at Target on clearance for $8.00 and I automatically knew it would pair well with the skirt. I didn’t want my snakeskin theme to stop there so I paired it the pieces with my snakeskin boots from ShoeDazzle. Since the pattern was so bold, I opted for just a pair of gold hoops.


So many people are afraid to mix printed colors because it can go from classy to ashy real quick. Some of my tips for mixing prints in a classy way is to:

  • Keep the jewelry minimal. Don’t opt for an earring that will take the attention away from the bold prints.

  • Find a common thread in the print. By doing this, you allow for the prints to not overpower you. You don’tt want to mix a neon zebra print with a mustard tiger. The boldness of the neon print will overpower the tiger print making it a total clash.

  • BE CONFIDENT! Most importantly, be confident with the clothes you are wearing. No matter what you mix, what’s going to sell the look is your confidence. Do you boo! :)


You can find the items or similar items below:

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  • Snakeskin Midi Skirt - Click HERE (SIMILIAR)

  • Snakeskin Boots - Click HERE (SIMILIAR)

“Fashion is having a Mix and Match Moment - Sneakers and Skirts, Stripes and Spots, Suede and Silk” - Michael Kors

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