Two Times Two...

Two Times Two...

Happy Friday Queens! I'm sooo happy today is Friday. This has been one of the longest weeks of the year so far and I'm so happy to FINALLY reach the weekend. Since it's Friday, it's only right I give you a whole side of FASHION to compliment your weekend.

This is #FashionInFIve blog style! 

I'm the biggest fan of a good coordinating set. It truly takes the worry and hassle out of having a bottom and looking for a top or having a top and looking for a bottom. I appreciate how convenient they are and how they make my wardrobe looks so effortless. 

The great things about coordinating sets is the fact that you can intermix them with other pieces. Even though the set comes together, you can still pull a piece from it and pair it with a completely opposite piece. Mixing stripes with polka dots or maybe leopard with a fun geometrical pattern truly differentiates the set and makes it unique to fit your individual style. 

I loved this co-ord set from the moment I saw it because it was leopard and flowing. It looked as though it would allow for me to cute and comfortable, my two favorite ways to be. If you know me, you know this 2 piece set came from one of my absolute fav online stores, Boohoo. I've mentioned Boohoo so much on the blog that if you haven't purchased at least a dress from them, you are truly not into cute, affordable fashion like I am. 


When I finally got my hands on this set, I didn't want to just wear it the typical way, I wanted to pair it with a top and bottom that would compliment yet contrast the entire look. With the pants, I decided to pair my new comfortable fave shoes from EGO OFFICIAL. They ALWAYS have a 20% off coupon so anytime is the best time to shop online. These include the perplex trend that I love as well as an around the ankle strap that compliments every woman, leaning her out and making her legs appear slim, trim and toned. 


I wanted the top to be a top that included the same color in the shoes which was red and still be a total contrast of the top. I picked up this cute crop top from Zara last year and I knew when I was looking through my wardrobe that this top would be the top that sets the pants off. 


With the jacket, I wanted to keep the same top but find a bottom that complimented it while still offering a contrast to the jacket. The red midi pencil skirt from Boohoo was a perfect choice because it coordinated with the red shoes and the red in the top while still blending with the jacket. 


It's so fun to try different things with your clothing. Have fun and don't be afraid to try pieces that are exciting yet daring and forces you to step out of your comfort zone. Until next time Queens, have a FASHIONABLE weekend!:) 

Shop the top HERE! (sold out but this is an alternative option) 
Shop the skirt HERE!
Shop the leopard co-ord set HERE!
Shop the shoes HERE


  "Always Have Fun With Fashion. Dress to Entertain Yourself" 

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