Rose are Red...

Rose are Red...

Next week is Valentine's Day (inserts side eye emoji). Karmyn is currently my Valentine and we're going to continue our tradition of having "Mommy & Daughter Lots of Love" dinner. Even though I will not have a male by my side for the holiday, it's still no excuse to not get cute and embrace all the love that will be in the air. 

Valentine's Day fashion is even better when you're effortlessly sexy and by that I mean you look like you literally just "woke up like this." I love the cheesiest clothes for this holiday and so grabbing the "smooches blouse" or the corny love quote dress is right up my alley. Even though the day is all about wearing your cutest red, black or pink variation, I see nothing wrong with stepping outside of the box and breaking away from the norm. 

This blouse was a must have when I saw it hanging up in my local Forever 21. I love how the blouse flowed and how the lips were just enough on the shirt without being overkill. It was also the perfect price point falling right in under $20.00. Get the top HERE

I paired them with my "I LOVE YOU" choker that I purchased last year from Forever 21 and some acrylic statement earrings HERE


The jeans are from Fashion Nova and have become my ALL TIME fave. I love the fit as well as the length of the bell bottom. They are high waist and hug you in all the right places. I love the oversize ties on the side and I can definitely see myself rocking these in the Summer with a body suit and some cute high heeled sandals. They're sold out but you can find a similar pair HERE


This look was my favorite because it's unlike any other Valentine's Day look I've worn before. It's so chic and classy with just the epitome of a fun whimsical night out on the town. This was another piece that I couldn't allow the clothing rack to hold hostage any longer. These style of dresses are making their way back into the trendy fashion forecast and I'm ALL here for it. 

For under $25, I grabbed this dress up so quickly that I'm sure the lady beside me head spinned at least twice. I loved pairing this dress with my old faithful gold hoops, the same "I LOVE YOU" gold choker and the shoes my mom purchased for me from Shoe Dazzle years ago. I just love pairing flowing dresses with strapped high heels and this look was no exception. You better get this jewel before it's gone HERE


And last but not least, the dress of the hour, this racer/motorsport/SCHMONEY dress! I fell in love with this dress because it screamed FUN, FUN, FUN! It's long and fitted which means you can definitely be SEXY without looking like you're trying to be. If you and your boo plan on doing something fun and easy but you want to look "dressed up," you can also pair it with a pair of black and white high top vans, trade the statement earrings for some gold hoops and you're good to go!  This dress has been sold out for the last couple of weeks so I'm more than happy I purchased mine when I did but they do have the black one available HERE


Have fun and don't take what you're going to wear TOO serious, it's Valentine's Day! 

Which look was your favorite? Comment below and let me know.  Don't forget to tag me in your Valentine's Day pics! I want to see what you all are wearing Queens! Enjoy the night with your boo and make sure to show love to each other 365 days of the year! SMOOCHES!


"I Love You EVERYDAY, Not Just on Valentine's Day" 

Spring Vibes...

Spring Vibes...

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