Wardrobe NEEDS...

Wardrobe NEEDS...

I haven't put up a #rateddstyle post in quite some time now but since I've decided to put myself on a "blogging schedule," you can definitely expect to see a fashion related post at least once a week! As women, we collect so many clothing items over our life span. From shoes to purses to even jewelry, we probably can't keep up with all of the things we have accumulated over time. Even though we have more than enough of the things we want, there are just some things in my opinion your feminine wardrobe just can't live without! These are the items that no matter the state, the weather or the condition, you must without a shadow of a doubt have in youcloset. 


This item is such a staple piece because no matter what, you can always pull this out of the closet, pair it with any shoe, any accessory, any lip color and you are on your way. I have quite a few of these little black numbers in my closet and I use them often. During the colder months I love to pair my shorter dresses with knee-high boots and my midi versions with either a black pump or some booties. I also rock them in the summer with high-top Chuck Taylors or my favorite grab and go flat sandals. Some of my all time favorite stores to shop for the perfect LBD is Forever 21, Asos, TopshopMissguided, and the soon to come ShoprateddR! :-) 

2. Black Pumps

These are just essential to a woman's everyday life. Whether you're a "9-5" girl or a "twerk it out every weekend girl," you can NEVER go wrong with an all black pump. I prefer having a patent leather version of the classic shoe due to the elegance and spice it adds to any outfit but I'm looking to invest in a black leather pair this year. Black Pumps can literally be paired with ANYTHING! From a fitted tee and some skinny jeans to a pencil skirt and a cropped tee, they can be put with any piece. Black Pumps are extremely versatile and that's the number one reason why they are NEEDED in every woman's wardrobe. 

3. Fitted Jeans

Now this one is pretty self-explanatory but you wouldn't believe how many women don't have a pair of good fitted jeans! I mean the type of jeans that when you put them on you feel like a million dollars. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do with a nice pair of jeans. My favorite jeans without a shadow of a doubt are Levi's. No matter how famous I become and how many billions I make, I will always come back to my jean first love...LEVI'S! I also LOVE jeans from Topshop, Asos and Fashion Nova. I go into more detail about my top favorites in a previous post entitled "All About Those Jeans!" Check it out! 

4. White Boyfriend Fit T-Shirt

Now I know as women we love more fitted things that are going to hug our curves and make us feel feminine but you really don't know what a boyfriend fitted t-shirt can do to your wardrobe. It will definitely give a more effortless, relaxed feel to your outfit. Pair your white boyfriend fit t-shirt with your favorite fitted jeans and those Black pumps, a red lip, large gold hoops and a slicked back ponytail, you will look so polished yet so effortless. My all time favorite boyfriend fit t-shirt is from H&M from the men's section! They offer so many different colors and the quality of the cotton is so smooth. It's thick enough to masque your bra if that's not the look you're going for. Try one out, you won't regret it! 

5. Black Leggings

Let the church say "Amen!" Black Leggings are the ultimate go-to! I mean you can't be a woman and not own at least 10 pair of black leggings. I mean you can LITERALLY pair these with any and everything! I'm obsessed with my my black leggings and would literally die if I couldn't wear them anymore. I wear these with everything from cropped tees to oversized tees to sneakers to heels. They're just the perfect piece of clothing! I have tried quite a few and no matter what I always settle for the ones from H&M! They are thick enough to wear them by themselves and they are so comfortable. For under $15.00, you can't beat that with a stick! I'm currently obsessing over the leggings from Nike, which are a little pricer starting at about $30.00 but they are E-VE-RY-THING! They're so thick, soft and so amazing. I swear I would wear them EVERY single day if I could. If you don't have a pair of basic black leggings, stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW and grab you a pair. It'll change your life! 

6. Gold Hoops

Last but definitely not least are gold hoops. I know these technically aren't considered a fashion item but I still feel every single woman needs to have a pair. Now depending on your level of ratchetness, you can decide as to what size you would like. I like mines pretty oversized but hey, that's just me! You can pair them with any outfit, from the LBD to the boyfriend fit t -shirt to the fitted jeans, it doesn't matter. They definitely add a nice spice to a plain monochromatic look and are definitely timeless! My favorite pair comes from Macy's and ranges from $15-30.00. 

Well ladies, I hope I gave you a few staple items to ALWAYS, ALWAYS have in your wardrobe. If you don't have these items, please stop wha you're doing and get them RIGHT NOW! You can literally purchase these items from anywhere and they're so essential to a woman's wardrobe.  


"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman" ~ CoCo Chanel  

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