We're on YOUTUBE...

Now I know you all remember about a month ago when I told you about the YouTube page I was starting… well,  it is here!!!! I am beyond excited because I am a HUGE talker and if you know me, you know I can run my mouth ALLLL day!

A few years back, I told my mom about wanting to have my own channel with a talk show and short movies and beauty/fashion segments, etc, etc. About a few weeks ago, we made that dream come true!!!!!!! The first thing to debut on the channel was "rateddTALK" which is an interactive talk show for women. "rateddTALK" is everything that you want to say as a young lady in today's society but maybe don't know how or when to say it. It's fashion, beauty, celebrities and of course, LOTS and LOTS of TALKing.

The video is below so check it out and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube page so that you don't miss any of the hot, new videos we have coming your way! We are so excited about this journey and can't wait for you all to run it with us… because TALKing is what women do best!!!! 


"Life is short! If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you, that moment is NOW!" ~ Unknown 

Boobies…Costumes & Talk, OH MY!