She laughs without FEAR of the FUTURE...

Hello Queens and thank you for stopping by. Let me introduce myself, my name is Ramaiseya, known to most people as Maise and I am a flawed woman and extremely proud of it. Up until this point in my life, I would take so much pride in presenting what I deemed as "perfection" to others. I took so much pride in allowing for other people to think I had it all together versus being honest, transparent and vulnerable. 

rateddRamaiseya is my coming out story. Through my trials, I allow for you all to see that being a woman is no joke. I show you that being a woman takes COURAGE, PASSION and an unwillingness to NEVER give up! I show you that there is beauty in the struggle and happiness in the pain. I teach you through my experiences to embrace your flaws and to embrace every unexpected turn on this journey called LIFE. 

Not forgetting to give you tips, tricks and reviews to help you look good along the way! So hi, my name is Ramaiseya and I am a feminist who empowers women through entertainment, fashion and beauty. It's my sole purpose here on Earth! I hope you enjoy everything about this site and welcome to my world, hopefully it will change your life!

  "The Empowered Women is Powerful Beyond Measure and Beautiful Beyond Description"     - Steve Maraboli