She laughs without FEAR of the FUTURE...

I'm never the best at writing bios about myself because I always feel like they can go from sharing with the world a little bit about yourself to just sounding like a self-centered brat so instead of giving you all a 3 paragraph write up about me and my accomplishments, I will tell you the inspiration behind 

If you all do not know, the biggest dream in my life is to be this Oscar(S) awarding winning, multi-billionaire beauty, fashion and entertainment mogul. I get my entire life and then some in front of the camera and although that is my ultimate dream, I was always taught there is more than one way to skin a cat so that is how "rateddramaiseya" the site and channel was born! 

My love for acting, writing and everything girly birthed a channel dedicated to just that and this site backs that all up. On my channel as well as this site you will find everything that you need to know about Ramaiseya and how I plan on changing the way women view themselves, their relationships and others one video/post/quote at a time. 

I am a feminist and empowering women through entertainment, fashion and beauty is my sole purpose on Earth. I hope you enjoy everything about this site and welcome to my world, hopefully it will change your life!

  "The Empowered Women is Powerful Beyond Measure and Beautiful Beyond Description"     - Steve Maraboli